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Yoga is a path of awareness to balance and inner peace. At Island Flow it is our philosophy of life.

The Yoga practices I teach are characterised by a spiritual, holistic and conscious basis.
On a physical and mental level the practice of yoga brings strength, flexibility, balance and awareness.

Each yoga practice is a sacred moment of connection with oneself and inner peace. The practice gives us the opportunity to connect with our purpose and live in the present moment here and now bringing clarity and love into our lives.

On an emotional and energetic level we are constantly affected by our daily lives and by the rhythms of nature, making each practice different, unique and unrepeatable.

During the yoga practices I try to transmit to each yogi the importance of a conscious practice in their five bodies: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual in order to receive the benefits of the yoga practice and reach a state of peace and well-being.

The styles of Yoga I teach are Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and Shakti Yoga Dance!

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The path of consciousness leads us to the place where our great teacher, oneself, lives.


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The classes take place in a beautiful wooden shala in Lajares (Fuerteventura) surrounded by nature and equipped with all the material for the practice. Some classes and events take place outdoors or in other magical spaces on the island.