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Shakti Yoga Dance is the “Yoga of dance”, a yogic and liberating path with a tantric basis.

Shakti Yoga Dance is a discipline that combines the fluid practice of yoga asanas and dance. Its aim is liberating, therapeutic and transformative. It consists of raising and expanding consciousness through the conscious practice of yoga asanas in movement and dance. It is a journey through different dances such as African, tribal, Latin, Spanish, Oriental and Indian that liberate and empower the person who practices it, leading them to connect with the sacred feminine, the Shakti, the creative power, the feminine essence.

Shakti Yoga Dance practices are done individually or in groups in class, workshop or ceremony format. All Shakti Yoga Dance practices are composed of a meditative part, a yoga asana part, dance, chanting and final relaxation.

Shakti is the feminine principle, she is the goddess who represents the principle of life and the power of creation. Shakti is the goddess that lives within each of us.

Would you like to attend a Shakti Yoga Dance workshop or class or organise a ceremony, workshop or retreat with a group of women?

CONTACT ME and we’ll organise it!

Would you like to have a Shakti Yoga Dance practice in an online format to do it whenever you feel like it and wherever you want?

Write me and I’ll share with you the details to get a full practice!



Every day is a day to celebrate your inner love and every day is an opportunity to share the love you are with the rest of beings. 

For you woman, I create a Shakti self love gift that contains:

  • 45min of Shakti yoga dance practice centered in svadisthana chakra: pleasure, creativity and sacred femenine.
  • 10min svadisthana chakra audio guided meditation 
  • Ritual of creativity Manifestation

The material will be for you and forever! 

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