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Retiros en Fuerteventura


Casa La Paz is a unique place on the island of Fuerteventura. It is located in a small village called Tindaya, where the well known and mystical sacred mountain of Tindaya is found. Casa la Paz is located at the foot of this mountain and receives its strong healing energy. It is the ideal place to connect with the essence of oneself and nature. 

The villa offers a natural environment with typical farm animals of the island, trees and plants, a yoga room, a skate bowl and relaxing areas. 

For accommodation there are 4 fully equipped appartments with private kitchen,bathroom and terrace ; and 3 tipis with shared bathroom and kitchen.

All accommodation options are available for both private and shared use. 


Apartment Tierra

Place for 4 people to stay

Garden view from the bedroom

Spacious bathroom

Terrace in front of the house, view of Mountain Tindaya

Fully equipped kitchen

Apartment Aqua

. spacious place for 2 people
. terrace in front of the house, sunbed available
. large bathroom
. view of the holy mountain Tindaya from the bedroom
. fully equipped kitchen, round table

Apartment Flores

. wonderful spacious place
. place for 4 people to stay
. internal terrace, entrance from the kitchen
. private outdoor shower among the plants
. dishwasher, washing machine, oven, internet of course

Apartment Aire

. private place on the roof
. place for 4 people to stay
. large terrace, wonderful sunsets
. fully equipped kitchen
. view of the ocean and the sacred mountain
of Tindaya


cocina casa la paz, fuerteventura
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