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Bonjour! I’m Greg, sea and mountain lover, I grew up in the French Alps surrounded by snow and now I spend the whole year in shorts and sandals surfing the waves of Fuerteventura!

When I was a kid, we would go with my family to spend the summer holidays on the French Atlantic coast and that’s where my passion for surfing started.

In 2013, I moved to Australia and surfing became my lifestyle – it was all about the waves! From there my life as a surf traveller in search of waves took me to live in New Zealand and Indonesia. On my return to Europe, stopping in France, Spain and Portugal, I decided to go and see what was hidden in the Canary Islands and landed in Fuerteventura, a place that gave me the opportunity to live close to the waves and dedicate myself to teaching surfing.

Since then, I have been a surf instructor qualified by the International Surfing Asociation (Level I and Level II) and the Federación Española de Surf. I enjoy sharing my passion and accompanying surfers from their first waves to improving their technique.

For me, surfing is a moment of connection with oneself and the force of nature.