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Tantra is a spiritual path to awaken your essence through presence and love, consciousness and energy, Shiva and Shakti, the masculine and feminine principle. Tantra is the existence of that union.

Tantra is a mystical and inclusive path with more than ten thousand years of existence. Its knowledge and practice guides us to liberation through presence and love.

As a tantra facilitator I guide each person giving the space and the tools for the experience of awakening to take place.

For this I offer the following spaces:


As a tantra facilitator for women I create women’s circles in which I offer a safe and loving space where every woman feels free to be, share and express herself without judgement.

During the women’s circles we do talks, meditations, visualisations, ceremonies, rituals, dances, chants and practices of Tantra and Shakti Yoga Dance. We share knowledge of ancient feminine wisdom and celebrate sisterhood.

The circles invite us to open up, to show ourselves vulnerable, to look into each other’s eyes with compassion and love and to free ourselves from our burdens, as well as to celebrate and vibrate in love.

Would you like to attend a women’s circle or offer it at a retreat, meeting or event? Contact me and let´s talk about it!


As a tantra facilitator my responsibility is to create a safe and loving space where each person feels free to be and express themselves without judgement.

The individual sessions are adapted to the needs of each person, always respecting their rhythms and the moment they are in. I create a personalised plan for your transformation.

The tools I offer are active listening, guided meditations, tantric practices, conscious breathing, exercises for healing…

I am here to help you live love, freedom and your inner power on the path of awakening.

Do you feel you would like to have a session? Contact me and let´s talk about it!